About Us

Coleman Building Co. has a long history of providing trusted construction services of exceptional quality throughout the eastern part of the United States. With a heritage in construction spanning well over 100 years, the experience and integrity you’ll find at Coleman Building Co. is a rare quality you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Whether you’re building a new custom residential home, multi-family condo, townhouse, or remodeling your existing structure, Coleman Building Co. insists on putting their 100+ years of experience in design and detail excellence to work for every single project. Read more about the history of
Coleman Building Co. below and we hope you’ll find that the Coleman name is one you can trust!

Francis Adolphus Coleman began this incredible tradition and heritage of construction when he took up the craft in the late 1800s. While details of his accomplishments in the field are vague, his wisdom and expertise was passed down to his son Frank Coleman.

Frank Coleman was born in 1921 and at the young age of just 16 he became lead carpenter for a reputable construction company located in Wilmington, NC. When he was 20 years old, he enlisted in the navy in 1941 where he joined the ‘seabee’s’, the construction battalion of the navy, becoming one of the battalion’s first members. Interestingly, his first stationing was in Pearl Harbor where he worked to help rebuild after the bombing in World War II. Eventually Frank moved back to Holden Beach, NC around 1954 and again helped rebuild homes after Hurricane Hazel which demolished the NC coast. He later moved to Florida where he was greatly inspired by their style of architecture and brought back many ideas from the way they built homes. He was labeled a master carpenter and there truly wasn’t much he couldn’t do. Frank Coleman passed away in 2003.


Wade Coleman went to work with his father, Frank, at a very young age. He was as young as 8 years old when he began joining his highly skilled father on construction sites where he began soaking up the many years of experience and wisdom his father shared. In 1971, after many years of training and working with his father, Wade went out on his own in 1971 at the age of just 22. Through hard work, integrity, and dedication to his craft, Wade has been fortunate to build along the east coast from South Carolina to Virginia and has built everything from residential custom homes to golf courses, and 40,000 sq. ft. clubhouses to large scale commercial projects all throughout the region.

Turner Coleman started working with Wade at age 14 toting lumber during his summer break from school. Turner eventually went into project management for the company working with multi family residential projects. Turner also worked in property and casualty insurance and became a property and casualty insurance broker for one of the largest agencies in NC. In 2016, Turner went back into the family business as co-owner and project manager of Coleman Building Co. bringing not only his construction and management experience from years prior but also his knowledge of property insurance to the table.

Turner Coleman II, at the fresh young age of just 3 years old, is already learning how to carry the trusted Coleman name well and hopes to follow in his dad’s footsteps one day, continuing this honored heritage that spans over a century!

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